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Rear Brakes Setup:
Brake Disc Type: High Carbon | Vented
Brake Disc Diameter: 299mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 24mm
Brake Disc Minimum Thickness: 22mm
Centering Diameter: 98mm
Height: 67mm

To Fit:

PORSCHE 911 (996) 3.4 Carrera
221 kW / 301 HP
09/1997 - 09/2001

PORSCHE 911 (996) 3.4 Carrera 4
221 kW / 301 HP
09/1997 - 09/2001

Must Read Before You Buy:
Please send us your VIN/Chassis/Registration number for your vehicle after purchasing via messages. This information is required so we can process the correct part for your vehicle. 
Without the VIN/Chassis number, your order will be put on hold and will delay the delivery time!
Kinetix is a growing successful brand which is establishing itself as a leading UK supplier of brake components. 

We specialise in the machining and supply of performance brake discs.

Our brake discs are a direct replacement for your original OE spec brakes and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Your common G3000 disc rotor material is robust, a little higher strength than HC with good wear resistance.
A simple but effective general-purpose brake rotor.

Your high carbon disc rotor material sacrifices a little strength for more efficient thermal and noise damping properties. 

How effective these properties are depending not so much on the amount of carbon but the size, shape and orientation. 

There is an art to doing this well. Some vehicles with light weight press metal or cast aluminium suspension arms may be more prone to noise issues. 

A small compromise for weight reduction on the axles. 

Often these vehicles come standard with HC brake rotors. 

High performance vehicles also come standard with HC disc rotors due to the potential kinetic energy generated at high speeds. 

An effective noise damping and high-performance solution.
Many European vehicles are supplied with HC rotors as standard.

Performance Brake Discs:
1.Help deglaze pad and prevent fade when the pad and disc gets too hot
2.Help to keep discs cool and dissipate heat
3.Help to channel water away from disc surface
4.Stopping distances are reduced
5.They look great behind alloys
6.Longer disc life
7.Reduced weight
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