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TX136 Front Axle Brakes Setup:
Brake Disc Type: High Carbon | Vented
Brake Disc Diameter: 314mm
Brake Disc Thickness: 25mm
Brake Disc Minimum Thickness: 23mm
Centering Diameter: 68mm
Height: 52.4mm

Who are kinetix:

Kinetix is a growing successful company which is establishing itself as a leading UK supplier of brake components. 

We specialise in the supply of performance brake discs rotors and pads.

We have been trading since 2003 and our quality products and fantastic customer service has helped the company grow.

Our discs are machined using state of the art CNC machines which ensure all designs are cut with precision.

Our brake discs are a direct replacement for your original OE spec brakes and are manufactured to the highest standards.

High Carbon:

Improved driving comfort –
High carbon content in cast iron ensures softer disc operation.

Hot judder reduction –
Cutting-edge materials reduce driving wheel vibration even at high speeds and low braking intensity.

Excellent product design –
Kinetix brake discs are made of an improved cast iron alloy. Their manufacturing process is strictly controlled and the content of specific components is closely monitored.

Resistance to deformation –
The use of high carbon material in High carbon discs minimizes disc deformation.

Improved thermal conductivity –
Kinetix brake discs made of high carbon cast iron feature improved thermal conductivity and decreased heating of the brake disc contact area.
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